From a paddleboard

Discover the beauty of Peniche, have fun and challenge yourself on a stand up paddleboard.
Stand up paddle is a fun and easy sport to learn when you start in calm water. It´s extremely challenging in waves. Calming in sunset and energizing in sunrise. Your choice.
Stand up paddle can be a calm and peaceful form of gentle exercise or exciting and physically demanding, however you do it, it is great for your body, soul and mind. You can paddle in rivers, on lakes, open water, pools, upwind, downwind - You name it. There are simply so many great ways to enjoy life on a board!
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Surf school Tribo do Mar is based in the most consistent surf zone of Europe: Peniche in Portugal. Located near the best surf spots in Europe we can teach you how to surf or help you improve your surfing. There are more than 25 different surf spots in the Peniche area, each having their own conditions. Because Peniche is a peninsula there is always offshore wind and all swell directions hit our coast.

Find here the prices for our different accommodation options (surf house or apartment) and surf classes & packages. Prices are based on a 7 night stay. You can stay as long as you want.